8 05, 2017

What Are You Leaving in Your Path?


I recently read something from Jared C. Wilson’s book Unparalleled in which he describes a true Christians’ uniqueness. He calls it "beautiful dust." “Christianity proclaims the glory of Jesus Christ and his work, and the good works of his followers become beautiful dust stirred up in our following him wherever

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1 05, 2017

Adjusting Your Scope


by Troy Lindgram I squirmed back and forth a little bit trying to find that just right comfortable position on the bench and around the rifle. As I peered through the scope at the paper target down range, I toggled off the safety with my thumb. With my index finger

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24 04, 2017

Responding to God’s Call


Ever wonder how the L.A. Dodgers (formerly Brooklyn Dodgers) got their name? In the late 1800’s, the club in Brooklyn was called the “Grooms or Bridegrooms.” Fans coming to their games had to avoid fast-moving trolleys to get to the ballpark, especially as they changed from horse-power to electrical power.

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18 04, 2017

Faithful Creator


by Jason Prater   This past deer season I was blessed with the opportunity to take my 9-year-old son hunting on a ranch in Rocksprings, TX. The first morning as we sat in a small ground blind with the sun peaking above the treetops, a crisp breeze blowing from the

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10 04, 2017

Faith That Attracts


I recently was talking with a saltwater fishing guide on what soft plastic shrimp tail lures he was using to catch his fish. He was using a lure manufactured by the Egret Baits Company. Several other guides were telling me the same thing. Why was this particular soft plastic becoming

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4 04, 2017

What’s in Your Tackle Box?


“One of each,” was my response to the person asking what I wanted to get at next week’s Fishing Show in Houston. I’m one of those guys who likes to have EVERYTHING in his tackle box. This, of course, can get expensive, lead to very large tackle boxes, and really

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22 03, 2017

The Successful Outdoorsman 4 of 5 – Attention to Detail


Episode 4 of our video devotion series discusses the importance of paying attention to details. A successful bow hunter must pay close attention to details in order to be successful, and the same is true for those that pursue the Lord.  

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8 03, 2017

The Successful Outdoorsman 3 of 5 – The Role of Anticipation


Here's episode 3 of our video devotional series for bow hunters. This episode discusses the role of anticipation in the life of a successful outdoorsman and then ends in a critically important question... How different would your everyday life look if a moment with the living God mattered more to

The Successful Outdoorsman 3 of 5 – The Role of Anticipation2017-03-30T15:18:39+00:00
1 03, 2017

The Successful Outdoorsman 2 of 5 – Choosing Discipline


Episode 2 of our devotional series for bow hunters - Choosing Discipline. We chose to pass on this 8 point in the gray light of a cold morning in East Texas. Hunters seeking to kill big, mature deer have to make the disciplined decision to pass on impressive young bucks

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22 02, 2017

The Successful Outdoorsman 1 of 5 – The Story of Susie Two Tags


Turn your audio up and enjoy the story of Susie Two Tags - an 8+ year old deer that escaped a high-fence ranch and has made a pesky living of busting bow and rifle hunters alike. This is the first episode of our devotional series for bow hunters... more to

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