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If you’re interested in serving as one of our Pro Staff, send an email to Brodie at

Josh Gregory (New Braunfels, TX)

Josh had the most unique statement that I’ve seen on any of our applications yet. Under “Reason for applying” Josh wrote – “God called me to join BCMM one night while I slept.” Got to love it!

A fellow Laguna Custom Rods pro, Josh fishes the Elite Redfish Series, Rudy’s Pro series, the IFA series, and any other one day tournaments that fit into the schedule. Josh lives in New Braunfels, TX with is his wife Erin and is a member of Oakwood Baptist Church. 


Robert Gross (Groves, TX)

Robert is a tournament fisherman that spends 150 days a year on the water chasing redfish in the marshes around Sabine Lake. He lives in Groves, Tx with his wife Haley and their 2-year-old, and is a member of Life Church in Port Arthur. Robert is a solid fisherman that is fun to be on a boat with. I (Brodie) had the special privilege of baptizing Robert last year at a boat ramp in the Neches River…it’s something that I’ll always remember! We’re proud to have Robert on our team and we are stronger with him! 


Charlie Melton (Rosenberg, TX)

Charlie tries to play off the gruff exterior, notoriously not smiling for pictures when he’s up on stage winning money at tournaments. But, when you listen to others talk about him, and you learn more about what he has done for a lot of the anglers we compete with, it’s easy to see through the gruff exterior and see a man that genuinely cares about other outdoorsmen and goes above and beyond to help others… so long as it doesn’t include giving away his secret fishing holes! He’s extremely well respected among coastal fishermen, both professional and amateur alike, and is regarded as a man that competes with professionalism and character.

Charlie lives in Rosenberg, Tx and is a member of the Journey Church. He is an avid kayak fisherman that fishes about 25 tournaments a year, mostly for redfish, including the GRS, LSKS, and Elite Kayak Series. He usually finishes well (but most folks believe that it’s due to his partnership with Scott Story, aka The Fish Whisperer). We are certainly a better team with Charlie on board!


Matthew Roubieu (Crosby, TX)

Matt has been fishing tournaments on behalf of Blast & Cast for a couple of years now. Matt lives in Crosby, TX and attends Humble Baptist Church. For his family, being on the water is just a way of life. He and his boys are just as likely to be chasing frogs and juglining catfish as they are to be deer or duck hunting. Or they might be chasing redfish through the bays or red snapper offshore! Many Blast and Cast regulars have been in a boat with Matt and his boys at ministry events, and everyone always knows that they have a good time out on the water whether they’re catching anything or not.


Steve Smith (Lafayette, LA)

Steve lives in Lafayette, La and is a member of The Bayou Church in Lafayette. He is a regular on the Elite Redfish Series and Rudy’s Pro Series tour stops. This is a guy that is on the water nearly 200 days a year and owns 4 boats and a kayak to help him pursue redfish throughout coastal Louisiana. He’s also a guide, so you guys keep him in mind any time you’re interested in catching some Louisiana redfish.

Steve has a very relatable testimony to share with other anglers on the tour. A lot of guys think that they need some traumatic or miraculous story in order to share an effective testimony about the impact God makes in their life… but that’s not true! What you need is a RELATABLE story of how God has changed your life. Real life stories that everyday guys can relate to are the key to sharing a testimony that leads others to the Lord…and Steve has those stories.